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Best Hidden Chrome Settings

Most of us are not aware of the  chrome://flags page which is a strange hidden feature of  Google’s chrome browser. You could use this enable some experimental feature of the chrome browser.
We have given the most interesting 16 flags you would like to try.
Have cautioned as this might work or just crash your browser. “We make absolutely no guarantees about what may happen if you turn one of these experiments on, and your browser may even spontaneously combust,” which the google states about this. So be sure before you try it but it might be quite fun.

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If you stuck anywhere give Reset all to default  a click and restart your browser

1. Automatic spelling correction: It works like the word documents you edit which automatically corrects the spelling errors you just make but for this time on the chrome.
2. Show settings in a window: Instead, of separate tab opening for settings it opens in the current tab.
3. Multilingual spell checker: Same way as above said but with multiple language support.
4. FPS counter: Displays the Frames Per Second rate of the hardware acceleration on the browser.
5. Download resumption: This resumes the downloads which have been interrupted by a slow connection or other problems.

6. Password generation: Now Chrome can suggest you with more complex passwords.

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7. Material design in the browser’s top chrome: Gives us the effect of the material design of android. There are also other options to test.
8. File Download status on the Notification Tray:  Gives you the status of the downloading files on your desktop notification.
9. Smooth scrolling: It gives the smooth scrolling of the web pages when it is stuck.

10. Save passwords automatically: Instead of asking each time, chrome saves all the passwords automatically.
11. Enable large icons on the New Tab page:
        Enables large icons on the New Tab page to give good design feature.
12. Extension toolbar redesign:  It gives icons for the chrome hidden extensions for easy access.

13. Enable Save Password Bubble UI: Instead of the old fashioned asking to save passwords, it asks with a new attractive feature
14. Emphasize titles in the Omnibox dropdown: Gives you more suggestion when you type in URL bar than giving you suggestions for relevant URLs.

15. Enable tab discarding: This makes the tabs which are unused to drop off its memory when the memory is low.
16.  Fast tab/window close: Chrome would separate its JavaScript handler from its GUI which could improve the performance of the tabs.

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If you have your own secrets please let us know in comments


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